Upgrading vCenter Server Appliance VCSA with External PSC from 6.0 U1 to 6.0 U3b

We Were planing to upgrade our environment to latest version 6.5 but after checking Compatibility Guide , we decide to choose to remain on the 6.0 level for now  , so let’s take a quick look at how to upgrade VCSA 6.0 U1 with External PSC to 6.0 U3b , You can learn more about the features and improvements found in 6.0 Update 3b  here

Upgrade VMware vCenter VCSA appliance to 6.0 U3b

before we begin with upgrade we need to take Snapshot from our PSC and VCSA , it’s better to take it from the host which house the computer  resource of the appliance

To upgrade your VCSA appliance to 6.0 U3b with PSC first you need to upgrade the PSC and it’s partner then upgrade the vCenter

first step to upgrade the platform service controller PSC and it’s partner

so  to we need to login to the VAMI interface.  To do that, just navigate to https:// <Platform service controller address>:5480 and login with your root account.  As you can see below, the appliance I updated was at version Build Number  3018521 .

navigate to update tab


Choose Install all updates.


After accepting the license agreement, the updates begin to install




after amount of time, the update was applied. a reboot is required to complete installation.


From the Navigator menu, select Summary and click on Reboot



after the PSC reboot and make sure all service are up and running now start with the other platform service controller PSC with the same steps , after finishing from upgrading the PSC and it’s partner now it’s time to start with vCenter

to upgrade vCenter , we need to login to the VAMI interface.  To do that, just navigate to https:// <vCenter Appliance address>:5480 and login with your root account  , with same steps as above


note : while upgrading the vCenter we go error message staging fails after doing some troubleshooting we found that the root partition don’t have enough space because of the audit.log size was 3.5 GB of the root partition to solve this we follow the KB 2149278

Before clearing the audit .log
After Clearing the audit.log

after clearing the audit.log the upgrade process for the vCenter work very smooth


at the end i hope this quick post will be helpful for your to upgrade VCSA with External PSC to 6.0 U3b