[Solved] vMotion fails at 14% with the error: Operation Timed out

recently we added a new host to one of our clusters to rebalanced the load between hosts , i noticed that one of the VMs was not able to migrate and give error ” Operation Time Out ” and it stuck on 14 %2017-09-17_7-23-17 after doing some troubleshooting and Google it , found one KB from VMware talking about same issue KB# 2054100

Cause of this error :

This issue occurs if there are two vmx-swap files present in the virtual machine directory. The directory should contain one standard ESXi vswp file (vmname.vswp) and one VMX-swap file (vmx-vmname.vswp) for vmx memory overhead.

Solution :

first try to Make Storage vMotion for the VM to another DataStore and try to make a host vMotion again but no luck 

if you can’t make storage vMotiton so try to check  the VM folder or the DataStore you chose to keep your swap files in  , if you found 2 files “vmx-***.vswp” as shown below 


I do the following :

  1. powered off the VM  “Note: Swap files should not be present when the virtual machine is powered down. ” 
  2. checked the  VM folder found “vmx-****-2.vswp” file created a folder and moved the file to it
  3. powered on the VM , try host vMotion and it completed successfully after that removed the old file .