Upgrading vCenter Server Appliance VCSA with External PSC from 6.0 U3 to 6.5 U1 then to 6.5 U2

we will take about upgrading vCenter Server Appliance with External PSC from 6.0 u3b to 6.5 U1e we done this upgrade before the release of 6.5 U2  which was released few day’s before Release note so we upgrade to 6.5 U2

before we upgrade to 6.5 you must be prepare the for that :

Source System Prerequisites
• Verify that the appliance that you want to upgrade does not run on an ESXi host that is part of a fully automated DRS cluster.
• Verify that port 22 is open on the appliance that you want to upgrade. The upgrade process establishes an inbound SSH connection to download the exported data from source appliance.
• If you are upgrading a vCenter Server Appliance that is configured with Update Manager, run the Migration Assistant on the source Update Manager machine.
• Verify that port 443 is open on the source ESXi host
• Create a snapshot of the appliance that you want to upgrade as a precaution in case of failure during the upgrade process.
• If you use an external database, back up the vCenter Server Appliance database

Target System Prerequisites
• If you plan to deploy the new appliance on an ESXi host, verify that the target ESXi host is not part of a fully automated DRS cluster.
• If you plan to deploy the new appliance on a DRS cluster of the inventory of a vCenter Server instance, verify that the cluster is not fully automated.

for this case we have 2 platform service controller linked with LB and 2 vCenter linked to each other

first step to upgrade the platform service controller PSC and it’s partner

upgrade will take place in two stage

stage 1 : will create a new PSC VM with temp IP address



after the end of stage 1 , stage 2 will start  in which the new PSC VM will copy all configuration from the old PSC VM and take the same DNS name and IP Address then shutdown the old one


after this step compete you can check from the VAMI interface.  To do that, just navigate to https:// <Platform service controller address>:5480 and login with your root account


after upgrading PSC and it’s partner we now read to start vCenters upgrade  concurrent

before upgrade vCenter we need to run the migration assistance on update manager  VM .


now we ready to start vCenter upgrade which also will be in 2 stage

1 stage creating a new vCenter VM


Stage 2 will transfer data from old Center to the New vCenter including DNS name IP Address ,configuration and update manager


you can check from the VAMI interface.  To do that, just navigate to https:// <vCenter Server Appliance>:5480 and login with your root account


so we now successfully upgraded plate form service controller and the vCenter to 6.5U1e

now from the VAMI interface we will check update and install the latest update which is 6.5U2

we will follow the same sequence first update PSC and it’s partner then vCenter concurrent

first PSC upgrade




after packages upgraded we need to reboot




now vCenter






at the end in this blog post we show how to upgrade vCenter Server appliance with External Platform Service Controller from 6.0U3b to 6.5U1e and then to 6.5U2

you can upgrade direct from 6.0U3b to 6.5U2 with same steps as above